A Baking Passion Crowned with Success

Discover the exceptional journey of Tharshan Selavarajah, master baker and founder of Le Pain de Tharshan,
who has conquered the hearts of bread lovers all over Paris.

The first time setting foot in France

In 2006, Tharshan set foot in France for the first time. For the next two years, he worked in Italian restaurants, honing his culinary skills.

Meeting with Xavier Maulavé

However, it was in 2009 that Tharshan discovered his true passion: baking. He joined “Au levain des Pyrénées” and began his apprenticeship with the owner, Xavier Maulavé. It is thanks to him that Tharshan discovered the art of making bread and pastries, arousing in him a growing interest in becoming the baker he is today.

Decides to focus on baking

In 2010, he decided to devote himself entirely to baking and committed to excel in this area. Full of determination and passion, he embarked on this path with ardour. And in 2013, he signed the lease and took over the boulangerie Au Levain des Pyrénées from Xavier Moulavé along with his wife. 

First time in competition

In 2015, Tharshan decided to participate in the contest for the best baguette. This experience allows him to acquire valuable knowledge and refine his art.

First recognition

In 2018, his perseverance and talent were rewarded when he won third place in the competition organised by the Mairie in Paris.

Tharshan Selvarajah wins the Prize for the best baguette in Paris 2023!

In 2023, it is the ultimate consecration for Tharshan. The City of Paris crowns him champion, designating his baguette as the best in Paris. A prestigious distinction that testifies to its know-how and dedication.

At present - Le Pain de Tharshan

We firmly believe that the baguette is more than just a staple. It is a symbol of French culture, a refined culinary art that awakens the senses and makes the taste buds travel.

Our goal is to offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy a traditional, freshly baked baguette, no matter where they are. We want to create an experience that transcends borders and allows everyone to savor this incomparable delight.

Our Team

Discover the team behind Le Pain de Tharshan.

Tharshan Selvarajah

CEO & Founder

Shasrika Selvarajah


Tharshan Selvarajah


Tharshan Selvarajah


Tharshan Selvarajah


Tharshan Selvarajah


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